Important Wrestling Links

www.wpialwrestling.net: The official WPIAL wrestling Site. WPIAL wrestling news, rankings, scores/results, tournament info., blog.


www.wpial.com: The official Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League website. Information, archived scores/results.


www.piaa.org: The official Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association website.


www.pajw.org: Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling website. State tournament information/results.


www.pawrestling.net: Pennsylvania wrestling news, rankings, tournament information and results.


www.pywrestling.com: Pennsylvania Youth Wrestling news, rankings, results, information.

www.themat.com: National and local wrestling news, rankings, and information for high school, college, and beyond.


www.intermatwrestle.com: College and High School rankings and results.


www.genemills.com: Camps and technique from Gene Mills, a NJ high school state champ, National High School state champ, 2X NCAA Champion, and US Olympian.


www.kolat.com: Technique from Cary Kolat, a 2X NCAA Champion and US Olympian.


www.flowrestling.org: Videos of high school and college workouts, a technique wave from many accomplished wrestlers and coaches (including Cael Sanderson!), and videos of high school and college wrestling matches/tournaments and interviews.


www.getwrestlingstrength.com: Become stronger with these training workouts designed specifically for wrestlers!


www.wrestlingcoach.com: Wrestling technique/drills.


www.facebook.com/BPJWrestling: Bethel Park Recreation Wrestling Facebook page.